31 Manifestation Affirmations For Love, Career, And Money

31 Manifestation Affirmations For Love, Career, And Money

Affirmations are tools for manifesting your goals and dreams.  They are positive statements you say out loud, recite to yourself, or read in your thoughts. Manifestations are a result of affirmations, which means they are a powerful technique in turning your dreams into reality.

Affirmations are also the perfect phrases to mount on a vision board.  Whether you want to manifest financial freedom, a dream job, or find your soulmate, a vision board is perfect for attracting your desires.

We’ve come up with 31 manifestation affirmations for love, career, and money, which you can use every day to attract the life of your dreams.

But first, we want you to know the other benefits of using manifestation affirmations, as well as how you can make powerful phrases to manifest your dreams.


Affirmations are more than just a means to make your dreams come true. Aside from manifesting your goals, these statements bring about a host of benefits that can lead to overall well-being.

Knowing these benefits will encourage you to use them every day, even if your dreams have not manifested just yet.


Limiting beliefs and negative self-talk block your ability to manifest.  When it comes to achieving your dreams, you need to be open and believe that your goals are already yours, so there is no chance of self-doubt.

Negative self-talk will block your dreams from arriving.  When you practice affirmations, you become more self-aware of your negative thoughts, thus, making it easier for you to switch from negative to positive thinking.

As soon as you begin to realize your self-defeating thoughts are happening, look at your vision board with manifestation affirmations and start replacing your limiting beliefs with a positive outlook.


A study on anxiety proved that the act of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones has a tremendous benefit on people who have been diagnosed with GAD or General Anxiety disorder.  The practice of shifting one’s mindset helped these individuals manage their emotions.

Even if you don’t have GAD or don’t suffer from anxiety, the practice of manifestation affirmations can help you calm down and stay centered when faced with an anxiety-provoking stimulus.

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An example would be having to speak in front of an audience.  You may feel discouraged and scared that you will make a fool of yourself.  Saying affirmations like, “I can do this,” or “You’ve got this,” can help you combat the fear, and give you the confidence you need.


Since affirmations have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, a regular affirmation practice can help improve your overall well-being.  A positive mindset can help you eat healthier, sleep better, and take care of yourself, and can even motivate you to hit the gym.

Taking better care of yourself leads to an increase in overall well-being, helping you live longer and happier.


We came up with these 31 manifestation affirmations for love, career, and money, by taking a look at one simple and powerful type of affirmation that leads to fast manifestation.  And that is Future Pacing Affirmations.


One of the most powerful kinds of affirmations to manifest your goals is Future Pacing Affirmations.  These are phrases that you state, acting as if you already have your goals.  

For example, you want to manifest a Porsche car.  An example of a Future Pacing Affirmation is: “I thank the Universe for giving me this luxurious Porsche car, which I am happily keeping in my garage.”

It’s showing gratitude that you have your goal, and adding adjectives that promote the positive emotions you will have when you receive it.  It promotes a belief that you will undoubtedly attract your desires, while also encouraging yourself to feel the positive emotions associated with achieving the goal.

A major key to manifesting your dreams is positive emotions.  A Future Pacing Affirmation is an easy way to boost your vibrations, creating the positive emotions you will feel when you finally have the Porsche car in your garage.

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  1. I am elated for having my beloved soulmate in my life right now.
  2. Thank you, Universe, for the love of my life is finally beside me every day.
  3. This is the happiest I have ever been because my loving soulmate is finally here with me.
  4. I am thankful for experiencing this healthy and positive relationship with someone I love.
  5. I feel beautiful, seen, and adored by the object of my affection.
  6. I am going on an exciting getaway with my soulmate today, thank you Universe.
  7. I love the love I receive from this loving, understanding, and handsome man/woman in my life.
  8. There is nothing more I can ask for, my soulmate is finally here, and I am in pure bliss.
  9. I thank the Universe for giving me a partner that treats me with love, respect, and adoration.
  10. I love waking up next to my soulmate, whom I love so much, and who loves me in return.


  1. Thank you, Universe, for giving me this dream job that I’ve wanted for so long.
  2. I am enjoying every minute of working in my dream job.
  3. I am finally moving in the right direction of my career, thank you Universe.
  4. I am grateful for this opportunity to show my company the immense skill and talent that I have.
  5. My dream job is finally in my hands, I can’t wait to work hard and achieve success.
  6. I am showing gratitude for this important promotion, which will help me and my family live more comfortably.
  7. I have worked hard to achieve this position, thank you for giving it to me, Universe.
  8. A great job with a large income is finally mine.
  9. Thank you, Universe, for giving me this job, which I have been dreaming of for many years.  
  10. I am now a leader and expert in my profession, and I feel happy, elated, and proud of myself.

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  1. It is the best feeling in the world to finally achieve financial freedom.
  2. I feel joy knowing I have 1 Million Dollars in my bank account right now.
  3. Thank you, Universe, for I feel happy and excited about this $100,000 deposit in my savings account.
  4. I attract an abundance of money and prosperity into my life every single day, which allows me a life of freedom.
  5. I am able to do whatever I want on a whim because of the money I have.
  6. My dream of having a thick amount of cash in my hands is finally true, thank you so much, Universe.
  7. The ability to pay my mortgage, complete my kid’s college fund, and pay for any medical emergency is a reality for me.
  8. Money comes flowing into my life like a vast and rich river that continues to flow into the ocean and return again to the river.
  9. Money is easy for me to find.  In fact, I have $10,000 coming into my bank account as we speak.
  10. Thank you, Universe, for giving me this money in my bank account, which will give me a beautiful and comfortable life.
  11. I deserve a life of wealth and freedom, and I am thankful that I am able to live my life to the fullest because of the money in my bank account.

Use these manifestation affirmations for your vision board to help you attract your dreams and goals.  Print these affirmations and post them on your board, or you can save them and make a digital board that you can view anywhere you go.

If you plan on making a physical vision board, the best option is a complete vision board kit that contains all the materials you need to make one.  There’s no need for you to cut out pictures from a magazine because these kits have plenty of pictures to choose from, as well as motivational words, and stickers that help you create a beautiful vision board.

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The Vision Cloud empowers individuals to live out their dreams with the help of their vision board kits.  One of these kits is the Original Vision Board Kit, which comes in a beautiful and sturdy box.  It contains a foldable board, 100 pictures, 60 motivational words, 40 stickers, and even a goal-setting worksheet to help you get clear about what you want.

You can add the 31 manifestation affirmations on your Vision Cloud board, which is reusable.  It does come with mounting putty, allowing you to paste and remove the pictures and affirmations you post on the board.  

Start making your vision board and create a daily affirmation practice to help you manifest your dreams.


Making your very own manifestation affirmations using the Future Pacing Technique will help you create personal and powerful phrases that resonate with you best.  Making your own affirmations come from your heart, which gives them a more effective ability to turn your words into reality.

Here are the rules for creating a Future Pacing Affirmation: 

  1. Make Your Goals Specific
  2. Use the Present Tense
  3. Gratitude Is Key
  4. Act as If You Already Have Your Goal
  5. Use Adjectives That Evoke Emotion

When making a powerful manifestation affirmation, make sure your goals are clear so the Universe knows exactly what to give you, use the present tense to help you focus on the present moment, and make sure you are expressing gratitude.

You also need to act as if you already have your wish and use adjectives and words that evoke positive emotions, so you can raise your vibration.  Increasing your vibration to match the vibrational frequency of what you want helps you to manifest your goals faster.

Use daily affirmations to manifest the life of your dreams.  A vision board is an effective tool to keep you focused, remind you to believe in yourself, and help you manifest the life of your dreams.

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