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Manifest Your Dream Life Now (The Vision Board Technique)

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you must have come across the words manifesting or manifestation one way or the other.

If you are new to this concept and want to delve deeper into this fascinating realm of reality creation – this article is for you.

After reading this, you will not only know what manifesting really is but you will also be equipped with the best techniques and tools to make your own desires a reality in absolutely no time!


Manifesting in the most straightforward and easy-to-understand terms is the process of making your desires come true by leveraging the power of your subconscious.

A great manifest synonym is “creating your reality”.

That sounds right out of a sci-fi novel! Doesn’t it?

So, if you are testing this concept for the first time, these ideas and definition of manifest (ing) might sound too out there and far from reality.

But those who have experienced the magic of manifestation for themselves know that it’s as real as it gets!


Your thinking is the only limit when it comes to manifestation.

Believe me when I tell you that people have healed the most debilitating diseases, created an abundance of wealth in their lives, married the love of their life and accomplished impossible goals through manifesting.

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Or don’t take my word for it and do your own research and scour through thousands of manifesting or the law of attraction success stories on the internet. And you will understand the reason why I am so passionate about manifesting.


Now that you are clear about what manifesting means and the possibilities it encapsulates; a question might arise in your mind…

If getting everything we want was so easy to get then why are so many people struggling in life?

The answer is pretty simple and one that would make sense to you.

First of all, a majority of the population struggles with their lives because they aren’t open to manifesting.

They consider this topic woo-woo or mistake as some kind of indoctrination.

But the reality is that manifesting is a scientifically proven concept (we will come to that in a bit) and it has nothing to do with religion or dogma – whatsoever!

Other reasons why people struggle with manifesting are:

  1.  They don’t have the right or powerful beliefs that can create their desired reality.
  2. They don’t know the right methods or techniques that can help them manifest what they want (with ease and little to no effort).
  3. They are often overly attached to their desires and this clingy energy gets in the way of manifestation.
  4. They are too impatient to wait for the good things to come to them. Patience is a virtue and this truth is applicable in the world of manifestation as well.



Before we move onto the cool tips and techniques that you can use to accelerate your manifestation journey, it’s a good idea to understand the scientific reasoning behind manifesting.

The key player behind manifesting is the subconscious mind.

While our conscious mind deals with rational and logical thinking, the subconscious is responsible for our automatic responses, behaviors and reactions.

The subconscious works on patterns. The patterns are your habitual thoughts and deeply held belief systems.

These belief systems eventually create your unique perspective about life and that gives rise to your life circumstances.

So, that’s how a thought when repeated over and over again becomes a belief and that belief eventually creates your reality.

That’s the logical and easy-to-understand explanation behind manifesting for a beginner.

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There are thousands of techniques and methods that you can use to manifest, but hands down, the best one I have ever come across is using a vision board.

It is one of the oldest techniques and everyone in the manifestation community knows about it.

But it is often overlooked too.

Since it’s a very old method of manifestation, it doesn’t get the appreciation or the acknowledgement it deserves.

People these days are more into new methods, but I have said it before, and I will say this again – nothing works like the good old (physical) vision board method for manifestation.

Vision Board Example


Let’s go over the reasons why I am so aggressively advocating the use of a vision board for you:


The process of putting up a physical vision board is an immersive experience that fully engages your senses.

It will take you a few hours to get your vision board up and the process will get your creative juices flowing. Also the positive energy you feel will be a major help in reconditioning and exciting your mind for the future.


The brain understands best in the form of images.

So, the pictures you will use in your vision will become imprinted on the fabric of your subconscious when you will look at them again and again.

Once your subconscious is tainted with the colors of your desire, it will recreate the same things for you in the physical realm.


In addition to images, you can also harness the magic of positive affirmations in a vision board.

You can paste empowering words and phrases onto the board and your mind will automatically repeat them wherever you will revisit your board.


The last and the most important reason why I am so big on vision boards is that they can serve as records of what you were trying to create at one point in the past.

You can always go back to your vision boards and see what you were thinking and see how far you have come from there.

Trust me! There is nothing like opening an old vision board and realizing you have manifested everything that you once wanted so eagerly.

That feeling is priceless!


So a vision board sure looks like a convincing method for manifesting but how does one go about collecting, cutting and pasting all images and affirmations?

That sure looks like a hassle!

But the good news is that now there are ready to use vision board kits available for you to purchase and we have created the perfect one for you.

Manifest Your Dream Life Now (the Vision Board Technique) | The Vision Cloud


This vision kit is so special and close to my heart because we have kept in mind all the problems that you guys face in manifesting while designing one.

Let me elaborate a little on what I mean…

This vision kit comes with 100 photos and 40 stickers that will assist you in creating an impeccable (and one that feels real) visual representation of the future you want.

As I have already discussed, affirmations or positive statements can really make all the difference in the process of rewiring your mind. Thus, this kit also includes 60 positive statements. You can just choose and paste them and they will instantly give life to your vision board.

I can personally vouch that you will have a super fun and emotionally rewarding few hours while you will set up this vision board.

Since, everything needed will be right in front of you, you will be able to focus solely on the life you want to create rather than feeling overwhelmed by the problems like: where to get the images from and what affirmations to choose!

Nothing beats visualization when it comes to quick, easy and instant manifestations and this vision kit will help you to harness that power.

Remember! Manifesting is as easy or as difficult as you think it is. You are the operant power in your reality.

Decide today and claim that,

Manifesting my desires is so easy and natural for me!
Just repeating this one sentence to yourself over and over again along with looking at your vision board for a good 5-10 minutes everyday will set you up to manifest the success that you had never thought was possible!
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