10 Manifestation Techniques For Your Future Board

10 Manifestation Techniques For Your Future Board

Bob Proctor, self-help author, lecturer, and Law of Attraction expert.

One of the most effective and fun methods to manifest your dreams is to make a future vision board.  But it’s not enough to cut out a few pictures, make a collage, then forget about it.

A vision board for your future will only work if you do.  Yes, having dreams, goals, and desires is the first step to creating a dream life, but there’s more to vision boards than just pasting a few pictures and motivational words.

Once you’ve made a vision board, you need to do certain things that will help you manifest all the images you have on your board.  Once your future board is up there, the real work begins.

Manifestation techniques are the key to helping you spring to action to achieve your goals.  Without action, all your dreams will remain that way.  Thoughts are the basis of your behavior, and in this guide, we’ve gathered 10 of the simplest manifestation techniques you can do now to help you make your future vision board come true.

Let’s get started, here are 10 manifestation techniques for your future board you can start doing now:

future vision board



Scripting is a simple way to act like you already have your dreams.  All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.  You need to pretend that you already have your dream job, you’re married to your soulmate, or that you live in your dream home.

One of the rules of the Law of Attraction is believing that you already have what you want.  If you want to manifest $1000 by tomorrow, you need to believe the money will reflect in your bank account in the morning.

To manifest this goal using Scripting, here is how you can write your script:

“Thank you, Universe, for sending me $1000 in the morning.”  It’s simple but it’s so powerful in attracting the very thing that you want.

Believing and receiving are some of the simplest ways you can activate your manifestation abilities.  

Buy a notebook dedicated to your scripting manifestation technique.  Write down all the things you have on your future board, and believe that you already have each and every one of them.

future life vision board


Nikola Tesla believed that numbers are divine and hold the secret to the universe.  The 369 manifestation technique is simply writing down what you want to manifest throughout the day.

The technique goes this way:

  • Write 3 times in the morning.
  • Write 6 times throughout the day.
  • Write 9 times in the evening.

For example, you want to manifest a specific car model to have in your garage by the end of the month.

Write the name of the car on a piece of paper 3x in the morning, 6 times throughout the day, and 9 times in the evening.  Do this until you manifest the car.

The theory behind this technique is setting your intentions throughout the day for several days.  In the Law of Attraction, your mind is described as being a magnet.  The more you think about something, the more you will attract it.

Giving attention to your goals throughout the day keeps you focused on what you want to manifest.

Do the 369 manifestation technique on the images in your vision board and schedule a few days or a few weeks for each goal.


Affirmations (blog #23, 31 Phrases for Your Affirmation Board To Help You Believe In Your Dreams) are short phrases you can use to help give you confidence and shape your mindset with positive thoughts.  

When spoken repeatedly, affirmations have been known to boost self-esteem, eliminate negative thoughts, and give you the confidence you need to take action for your dreams.

Speaking positive words to yourself can rewire certain thought patterns, shifting your mindset from self-doubt to belief.

When your vision is mounted on a wall and you feel like giving up on your dreams, recite a few affirmations to help you get back on track to manifesting your dream future.


The Pillow Method is another technique that makes use of writing down your goals but you’re intending to inculcate your goals into your subconscious.  

Write down on a piece of paper the things on your vision board you want to manifest.  Fold this piece of paper and place it under or inside your pillow.  Before you do, read the list out loud before you sleep.

future board ideas

What this does is the list forms the last thoughts you have before you closed your eyes to sleep.  Once you enter deep sleep, your subconscious processes all the data you received throughout the day, which includes your very last thoughts - which is the list of things you want to manifest.

This technique is a simple way to program your subconscious to store your goals and dreams without trying too hard to store them in your memory.


Remember the Law of Attraction and its rules about believing and receiving?  This technique uses these rules to manifest your dreams through your behavior.

A concept in Psychology regarding happiness believes you can trick your mind into believing that you’re happy.  

Richard Wiseman, in his book, 59 Seconds, said that you can make your mind think you’re happy by placing a pencil between your teeth.  When done correctly, you are forcing yourself to smile, and even a fake smile can have a positive impact on your mood.

The concept believes that your outward actions can mold your inner mentality.  For example, if you want to be the CEO of a company, try dressing up in a suit when you go to work, or at least look as polished as you can, to emit the air of being an authority figure.

future board ideas

If one of the dreams on your vision board is to own a yacht, start looking at yachts for sale as if you’re already about to buy one.

Fake it until you get your dream and once it does arrive, it will feel like you’ve had it for a long time.


Prepare two cups and label one cup with your current situation (unemployed, unhappy, single), and the other cup with words that define your dream life (CEO, happy, married).

Fill the first cup with water and think about all the things in your current situation that you don’t like.  Once you’re done thinking about them, pour the water out, and visualize all your worries and negativities sinking away.

Fill the second cup with water and drink it.  Visualize all the good things you want to manifest filling your body.  Imagine the water magically transforming you into the person you want to become, and blessing you with the things you want to have.

This technique is a form of visualization technique but you’re using tangible objects to represent what you want to achieve.  By symbolically drinking your dreams, you are internalizing your dream life, so you become one with your goals, and not separate from them.

You can list all the things on your future vision board and perform this Two Cups ritual to help you manifest your dreams.


The meditation technique to manifest your dreams involves taking time to yourself each day and visualizing the things you want on your vision board.

Every night, for at least 20 minutes, pick a spot in your home where it’s quiet and with no distractions.  You can light up a few candles to create a relaxing ambiance or play meditative music to set the tone.

vision board about your future

Sit down on a chair, or you can also lie down on a bed, but the best position is the lotus position which forces your body to sit upright while being in a relaxing mode.

Place your future vision board where you can see it, take a long hard look, then close your eyes and visualize the very things you’ve pasted on your future board.  If you want to manifest a vacation, imagine buying that plane ticket, packing your bags, hopping on a plane, and landing on a sunny day on a tropical island.

Feel the excitement and emotions you will feel when that finally happens.  Meditate for at least 20 minutes each day, whether it’s in the morning or evening before you sleep.

Meditating will help you to continuously feel excited and anticipate your specific dreams.


Positive emotions are one of the most important things that need to accompany your manifestation techniques.  Studies have shown that not everyone who achieves success is happy, but everyone happy feels successful.  Success can mean different things to different people.  But one thing’s for sure. when you feel good, everything else around you becomes positive.

And thus, since positive emotions are important when manifesting what you want, frequently engaging in activities that make you happy can help you turn your dreams into reality.

When you feel good, you have a positive disposition to things in your life.  You want to go to work, you want to work on your business, you want to talk to people, and you’re generally nice and kind to people around you.

When you have a positive mindset, people and opportunities will be drawn to you, helping you manifest the things you have in your future vision board.


Have you heard of the saying, “The more you give, the more you receive?” This is true, and it’s not just some quote or theory with no data to back it up.  Generosity has been studied, and researchers discovered people who give more tend to make more.

A group of researchers led by Kimmo Erikkson revealed that generous people have healthier bodies, better relationships, healthier minds, and in the long run, made more money versus selfish people.  The researchers studied data taken from the US, the UK, and 23 other European countries.

This study, along with others in the field of generosity, shows that giving to others has more benefits than being selfish.  One of the reasons for these benefits is credited to the improved social networks enjoyed by givers.  The more they give, the more people they know, and the more they are considered for raises, promotions, and new opportunities.

In the spiritual sense, when you frequently engage in giving activities, you attract opportunities that will allow you to give again.  Remember that like attracts like in the Law of Attraction, so the more you give, the more chances the Universe will give you to continuously give.

vision board future goals

Even if you only have a few dollars in your pocket and someone asks you for help, if you’re a natural giver, the Universe will find a way to fill your pockets, using you as an instrument of generosity.

So if you’re saving up to go on a vacation, but you’re presented with an opportunity to help someone in need, try to give something to that person.  The Universe will know your intentions and fill up your pockets so you can be an instrument of help to others.


Now that you have information on 9 different kinds of manifestation techniques, let’s begin to practice.  Manifesting something small doesn’t have to involve anything on your future vision board right now.

Manifesting is like a muscle, you need to practice it to be able to master it.  Start to manifest something small, like a specific book, or a winning ticket in a raffle.  Visualize finding that book in a bookstore, or a friend giving it to you on your birthday or winning a $50 gift card from your local supermarket.

Practice your manifestation power with little things, and the more you manifest something, the more powerful your manifestation ability will get.  Soon, you will be able to manifest everything you have on your future vision board, turning your dreams into reality.

Once you get into the habit of manifesting, you’ll soon realize that the world is yours for the taking.  Think of the world as a catalog, where you get to open the pages and order something from the Universe.

 A future vision board is like your order form, telling the Universe what you want, and telling it what to bring to you soon.

Cutting out pictures from a magazine can be daunting, and buying individual supplies can take time, that is why DIY vision board kits are the simplest way to make a future vision board without the hassle.

future board

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great way to make your future vision board.  It is a simple manifestation tool that comes with 100 pictures, 60 motivational cards, and 40 stickers.  With just one kit, you can start making your future board, so you can start practicing the most important skill you can learn - and that’s manifesting everything you want in the world.

Start creating the life of your dreams with these manifestation techniques and get ready to receive from the Universe.

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