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The National Science Foundation shows that 25% of people who use the Law of Attraction report some kind of success in the things they desire.  This may seem like a small number, but considering the percentage of people who achieve success in their personal and business lives, it’s actually significant.

But why the small number in the first place?  One reason could be misconceptions about the Law of Attraction, or people simply not knowing how it really works, and therefore, they’re not doing the right things.

This is why it is important to know that there are actually rules to the Law of Attraction.  It’s not just a simple “Like Attracts Like,” approach, where you think about something and you’ll immediately get it.  No, it doesn’t work that way.

To be able to harness your inner power, you need to know the 7 rules of The Law of Attraction.  In terms of making vision board goals, simply making a collage won’t cut it.  You need to apply the 7 rules to manifest what you want.

So what are these 7 rules?  Let’s begin.



This is the most well-known rule of the Law of Attraction.  It means you have the power to manifest your desires through your thoughts.  To use this rule on your vision board, start thinking about the things you want to manifest.  Before you choose the images you want to mount on your board, think about them first.

What is it that you really want?  Take the time to sit down, close your eyes, list down what you really want to create, and start collecting the images.  Your thoughts are a powerful tool that can manifest whatever you put your mind into.


Think of yourself as a magnet.  If you want to attract a specific car, think of your thoughts as a magnet that pulls this car into your physical environment.  Such is the power of your thoughts, and that is why you also need to be careful.  You need to ask yourself if what you desire is really what you want.  So before you attract that Ferrari, ask yourself if you can afford to maintain it.

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Another idea about the Law of Magnetism is about your vibrational energy.  Since the Law of Attraction works on the principle of “Like Attracts Like,” be aware of the vibrational energy you emit.

You may desire a Ferrari, but your energy emits the frequency of an old Volkswagen Beetle.  A Ferrari emits a high vibrational energy because it reflects money, prestige, and pride.  An old Beetle emits the energy of mass-production, low-cost, and vintage.  Raise your vibration to meet the vibrational energy of a Ferrari, so feel good about yourself and act as if you have the money, prestige, and pride of a Ferrari owner.

When you choose to cut out an image of a Ferrari, emit the vibration of the said characteristics to match the energy of the object you desire.


This is the rule that most people fail at.  This is because as humans, we naturally have what is called, “the negativity bias.”  When we see a snake, for instance, most of us would immediately scream or run away.  This is because our natural instinct is to take flight.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this can be a good thing because it helps us get away from a potential attack.  However, we have carried it with us in modern times, and when we see something we don’t understand or we have no experience with, we naturally have a tendency to think negatively.

So in the instance of wanting a promotion at work, you desire it, but deep down inside you may have doubts that you will get it or that you deserve it.  When you want to manifest something, you need to have unwavering desire and belief that you will get it.  Not getting that promotion is an impossible thing, so you believe without a doubt that your promotion is coming.

As you write down the words on your vision board that you will be the next Regional Manager of the company you work for, have unwavering desire and belief that you deserve it and that the only thing you’re waiting for is the signing of the contract.



The Law of Attraction states that everything in the Universe is in perfect balance.  This means that if you desire something, you need to experience it in your life in the present.  For example, you want to have a great-paying job that offers a great work-life balance.  But then you hate the job you have now.

To practice the Law of Delicate Balance, you need to change your mindset about your current job.  Appreciate and show gratitude for the good things you have in your present life.  Be at peace with what you want and what you want to achieve.

When you set your intentions to desire a good job, appreciate what you have in the present moment.  Stop obsessing or getting anxious about why you’re not getting the call for an interview or why the recruitment officer hasn’t called you back yet.  Set your intention, appreciate what you have, and let the Universe do the job for you.

When collecting images and words for your goals and desires, do not fill your thoughts with the negativities of your current life.  Be appreciative of what you have in the present while also desiring something else in the future.  Create a balance between your present and future.


The Law of Attraction states that the Universe is in a constant state of flowing energy.  You need to align yourself with this energy to have access to infinite abundance and prosperity.  To align with this flowing energy, you need to have a positive mindset.

Positive thinking has been known to improve your life and it’s not just about thinking positively, but it should apply to your overall lifestyle and habits.  Once you tap into the Universe’s energy flow, you will now gain access to everything the world has to offer.

Do not resist what is coming, appreciate what you have, anticipate the future, and simply let it go.  Relax, believe, and expect prosperity and abundance to come into your life.  Let money, love, hope, health, and success flow into your life like a spring.  Allow it to come and go.

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For your vision board goals, let your desires flow.  This means that if you don’t get what you want, do not be angry, do not stop believing, and do not give up on your dreams.  Remember that the Universe is an infinite flow of energy.  And even if an opportunity passes you by, something else will eventually come and flow into your life.

When you mount your desires on your vision board, learn to let them go.  It means setting your intentions, feeling the emotions you will get when you manifest your desires, and letting the Universe take care of it.


The Law of Attraction states that manifesting is not limited to thoughts.  You should also do the right actions in manifesting your dreams.  For your vision board goals, you also need to act to be able to achieve them.  Don’t just make your vision board, mount it on a wall, and forget about it yet still expect to manifest them.  No, it doesn’t work that way.

For your desires to manifest, you need to match your thoughts and the right action.  This is also one mistake most people make when they try to use the Law of Attraction.  They assume that thoughts are enough, but no.

You can’t think positive thoughts but you act rudely to other people.  You can’t desire a new house when you treat the waiter poorly.  You have to act in a way that you are respecting and honoring the Universe, and that means your family, strangers, and even the environment.

You need to treat people with love, compassion, and respect.  Everything you do in the world will come back to you.

Just because you posted love and peace on your vision board goals, doesn’t mean they will happen if you act with hatred and anger.


The Law of Attraction states that you need to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions because they impact the Universe.  If you think negatively of yourself, you need to be aware that you’re impacting the Universe with this negativity.

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Every single human being has a universal influence, so we must always be careful of the vibrations we emit.  Everything in the world is interlinked.

For example, you are angry at yourself because you spent your rent money on a designer bag.  You go to work and have a bad mood.  You shout at your inferiors, who then feel bad and stressed at work.  They go home and shout at their spouse for not having dinner prepared on time.  So the spouse screams at their child for not doing homework.  The child goes to school the next day and bullies a younger kid because he’s stressed at home.

Everything is linked.  Your mood affects those around you, and it all starts with a negative thought.

Researchers revealed that the human brain has “Mirror Neurons.”  These neurons are fired when we observe someone doing an act.  In the example given above, you see your boss screaming at you.  You observe this behavior and do the same thing at home.  This can be due to the “Mirror Neurons.” This is because neurons in your brain were fired up when you observed your boss screaming at you.  So you “mirror” the behavior.

Be more aware of your impact on the world.  For your vision board goals, think about how your desires will impact the Universe.  If you desire to acquire a business but doing so will result in a team of executives being unemployed, do you think that goal emits positive energy?

Take these rules to heart and use them each time you make a vision board. Remember that the Law of Attraction will not work if you miss any of these rules so avoid becoming part of the 75% who practice the Law without any success.

Start creating a vision board with pure intentions and exercise all 7 rules. Whether you’re making a digital vision board, a physical vision board with supplies you purchased, or a vision board kit, these rules apply.

If you prefer a vision board kit for your vision board goals, The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit is a great choice.  Why?  Because it has over 500 images you can use to apply the 7 rules of the Law of Attraction.

It also has everything you need to make a vision board, including a foldable board, a complete magazine of pictures, a goal-setting worksheet, a pack of “Universal Bank” checks, mounting putties, and everything you need to start practicing the 7 rules.

It is the ultimate manifestation tool that helps you achieve your goals.  So learn all these rules before you begin collecting the images you plan to use on your vision board.

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