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An Essential Law Of Attraction Vocabulary Guide With Vision Board Words 2024

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“Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke.  Your body doesn’t know the difference.  Words are energy and they cast spells, that’s why they’re called spelling.  Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life.”

-Bruce Lee

Positive thoughts and setting your intentions into the Universe are some of the most common principles of the Law of Attraction.  But not a lot of people know that the words you use can actually make a big difference when it comes to manifesting what you want.

Words can make or break your manifestations and that is why you need to learn the best words to use and what to avoid.  In this article, we’ll present to you a brief vocabulary guide on the Law of Attraction, so you can take advantage of the power of words to create the life you desire.

Create your vision board words 2024 vocabulary guide, and learn how to manifest using the best language to use for the Law of Attraction.


Studies show that 73% of the world’s population acknowledges the principle of the Law of Attraction.  Unfortunately, only 25% of people who practice it achieve some success.

There may be many reasons why you won’t manifest your dreams but one reason could be the right use of words.

Words have power and energy, and using the wrong ones can create a resistance that blocks your blessings from coming in.

Before we proceed with our vocabulary guide for manifesting, let’s talk about why words matter in your Law of Attraction journey.


Everything has energy.  And the Law of Attraction is not something that can be turned on or off, it is always there.  That is why you need to be careful with your thoughts, attitude, behavior, and what you speak.

vision board words


Negative words can attract negative energy, while positive words attract positive energy.  Knowing this will help you become more aware of the language and vocabulary you use to communicate and set your intentions.



The rules of the Law of Attraction state that we have to be clear and specific with what we want to attract.  That is why you need to master the use of words to manifest your goals and dreams.

The clearer you are with what you want to manifest, the better it is for the Universe to bring it to you.


So what kind of words should you be using?  In this section, we’ll show you the best words to use when setting your intentions, creating affirmations, and talking to yourself.  By using these words, you are creating the most powerful vibrations to help you manifest whatever you want.

When making your vision board for 2024, you can place these words on your board to help you craft the perfect affirmations or help you speak to the Universe in the clearest ways possible.

Here are the most powerful Law of Attraction words to use:

  • Am
  • Have
  • Like/Love
  • Enjoy
  • Grateful
  • Choose

“Am” is the most powerful word to use to manifest.  Saying “I am financially free,” “I am the full embodiment of love,” or “I am beautiful,” are powerful words that tell the Universe what you believe yourself to be.

Even if you’re not there yet, it is announcing to the Universe that you believe to be what you want to be.

“Have” is also a great word to tell the Universe that you have received your dreams.  Even if your dream car or dream house hasn’t arrived yet, declaring that you “have my dream car,” puts you in the state of having it, helping you emit the energy of receiving.

dream board word


Like, love, enjoy, and grateful are also powerful words that set the tone for the emotions you need to have to be able to manifest your goals.

And lastly, by saying, “I choose to be rich,” or “I choose to travel,” you’re telling the Universe that everything is in your power, that you have control over what happens and what you’re attracted to in your life.

Remember these words when you set your intentions and when you talk to the Universe.


If there are words that are powerful in manifestation, there are also words that create resistance in your practice to manifest your dreams.

It’s natural to say these words as we’ve gotten used to not having or coming from a place of lack.  Oftentimes, we see the glass half empty rather than half full, so don’t worry if you’ve been using these words to try to manifest things in your life.

We’re showing you these words to avoid, so you will be more self-aware and you can correct yourself when you use them in your life or when you try to set your intentions.

When making your vision board words 2024, avoid using these words in your affirmations and intentions.

  • Wish
  • Will
  • Want/Need
  • Don’t
  • Hope
  • Must
  • Going To
  • He/She/They
  • Maybe
  • Someday
  • If

Saying “wish,” “hope,” “want,” and “need,” comes from a place of lack.  When you say you wish or hope for something to happen, you’re announcing that you don’t have them.  Remember that “Like attracts like.” So when you say you need money, you’re telling the Universe that you don’t have money.  So what do you manifest?  No money, right?

Other words you shouldn’t use include “he/she/they.”  When stating your goals, you should not refer to other people because the Law of Attraction is for yourself.  Don’t say, “My boss will give me a promotion.”

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Your external reality is a direct reflection of your internal reality.  The Universe will only work with you to create your reality, and not to manipulate the actions of other people.

So instead of saying “My boss will give me a promotion,” you can say, “I have the promotion,” to announce to the Universe that you are in a place of receiving whatever you ask for.

Other words such as “If,” “Someday,” or “Maybe,” also have the energy of lack of confidence that you will achieve your goals. So avoid these words as well.


Create a vision board vocabulary guide by using the words to use and avoid in this article to help you craft the perfect affirmations and statements you can use to set your intentions.

We’ve also created a list of words you can add to your vision board Words 2024 guide, and these are:


This is the energy you emit to the Universe with your thoughts, language, attitude, and actions.  The higher your vibration, the better it is for you to manifest your goals.


Intentions are what you want to achieve or accomplish.


Affirmations are words and statements you speak and declare to the Universe.  They work through repetition in a way to program your subconscious into believing you are what you say.


Alignment is when your actions, thoughts, and words match, to help you manifest your goals.  If you say you are happy but you are angry and hateful, then your vibrations don’t match.  This will make it hard for the Universe to match your energy as well.


Act of Allowing is when you accept, let go, and trust the Universe.  If you desperately want something to happen such as marrying a person, but the Universe sees you deserve better, you shouldn’t try to get in the way.

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Don’t force things when your goals don’t manifest.  The Universe will always have something better for you.


Expansion is growth and development.  The Universe has something more to give you, so don’t limit yourself.  Always dream big.


The Source can be the Divine, God, Spirit, Angels, Universe, or anything beyond yourself that you believe is the sacred source of your luck, blessings, and manifestations.

When practicing the Law of Attraction or any manifestation technique, it is always crucial to learn about the terminologies so you can better attract the reality you want to have.

There are many other words you can learn to help you transform your dreams into reality but the ones we have here are some of the most common and most important to use.

Create a vision board words 2024 using this vocabulary guide as a means to help you craft the best sentences, statements, and affirmations to boost your manifestation ability.

You can also take advantage of vision board templates that are specifically made to help you craft the perfect statements to achieve your goals.  The Vision Cloud is a brand that offers free vision board templates, which can help you achieve the life of your dreams.  You can click this link to download your free templates.

More than just offering free vision board guides, The Vision Cloud allows you to visualize a reality where manifesting is a habit or part of your way of life.

Anything is possible as long as you know how to work with the Universe to create your reality.  The Vision Cloud is here and on a mission to help you discover this powerful manifestation ability.

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When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it’s not just the thoughts you have that are important, but the words you use are equally crucial to manifest your dream lie.

Create a vision board words 2024 vocabulary guide and use this knowledge to achieve the life you deserve to have.

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