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If you’ve finally decided to start your Law of Attraction journey, congratulations!  You are about to discover a universal law that will change your life.

You’re about to discover your own immense power, allowing you to create the reality of your dreams.  One of the most effective tools of manifestation is creating vision boards, and if you’re new to the concept, then you will most definitely benefit from vision board templates free to use for beginners.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Law of Attraction, the science that backs it up, how to use vision board templates, and understand the powers at play for creating the perfect vision board using the Law of Attraction.


A survey by Dreammaker shows that 73% of the world’s population believe in the Law of Attraction. In a study conducted by the National Science Foundation, researchers revealed that 25% of people who practice the concept report some success.

If you’re new to the Law of Attraction, here is a little information.  It is believed that principles of this law have long existed, centuries before the famous film, The Secret, came out in 2006.

It is believed that principles of “like begets like ” can be traced back to ancient philosophers, particularly Hermes Trismegistus, and the concepts are believed to have resonated with writings found in the Hermetic Teachings, which were made in the 1st century.

Ideas and themes of the Law are also found in many different ancient religions and philosophical schools.  Thus, it is believed that the Law of attraction is a universal law that has governed humankind since time immemorial.

Basically, the Law is a concept that states whatever you think about, you manifest.  It underlines the power of thoughts and emotions, with regard to how they can attract the very things that you want and don’t want.

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If you think negatively, you will attract negative things.  If you think positively, you will attract positive things.  It’s a simple concept but there are many different layers to it that you really need to explore its many aspects to truly reap its benefits.


There have been many studies conducted on the Law of Attraction and how successful it is in helping people attract what they want.  Though it can be difficult to quantify, studies have shown promising results.

But it’s not just about thinking about what you want and getting it.  There’s actually science behind the principles, and here are two concepts that offer a scientific explanation:

  • Positive Psychology

Because the Law of Attraction is basically about thinking positively to achieve your dreams, it has often been associated with Positive Psychology.  This branch of psychology focuses on the positive things in life, such as strengths and abundance, rather than traumatic pasts and current problems.

One study involving the Law of Attraction and positive thinking was conducted at the Negros Oriental State University in the Philippines, in 2018.  The researcher of the study had two different groups of participants.  A group underwent a 29-day training on the concepts of the Law of Attraction, and a 2nd group did not undergo the training.

At the end of the study, the group who underwent training reported significantly higher levels of happiness and gratitude, compared to the control group.

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  • Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System, otherwise known as RAS, is a part of the brain that filters out information from our environment.  It is a selective attention filter, which explains why you hear your name being called out even when you’re in a crowd of people, you identify a speeding car approaching if you’re trying to cross the street, and your baby crying even when you’re using a blender in the kitchen.

It is a system in our brain that helps us navigate everyday life.  Proponents of the Law of Attraction, particularly those who encourage vision boards, believe setting out your intentions is a way of programming your RAS.

When creating your goals, you are giving it focus and attention.  The Law believes that opportunities are everywhere and they already exist.  Your dreams are already around you, all you have to do is attract them into your life.

With vision boards and manifestation techniques, you are essentially programming your RAS to pay more attention to your goals, so when they are around you, your brain automatically picks them out without much effort.

Basically, practicing the Law of Attraction allows you to filter out information that does not align with your goals, and gives you laser-sharp focus on information that does.  This way, you get to manifest your goals faster, because distractions are filtered out from your brain.

These are just two of the many scientific explanations of the Law of Attraction, and there are many other studies and theories that back it up.

It is not just pseudoscience or magic, but the principles are actually studied and backed up by scientific data.


Speaking of vision boards, these are one of the simplest and easiest ways to practice the Law of Attraction.  Vision boards are a collage of your goals and dreams, which you mount on a wall or on a desk, and you give it your focus and attention, to motivate and inspire you to take action towards your goals.

However, if you’ve never made a dream board before, we highly recommend using a vision board template that’s free to download.  You don’t need to spend anything as these templates are usually easy to download as well as having access to images and quotes you can use.

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The Vision Cloud is one of the companies offering free vision board templates for a variety of different uses.  You can get yours by clicking this link to download for free.

What makes The Vision Cloud different from other vision board companies is that it offers more than just products.  It offers a complete support system in your journey of creating the life you want because manifesting doesn’t just happen for one goal, but all of your goals from the moment you finish your vision board.

The brand is on a mission to create happier lives through improving your focus and motivation, done through clarity of goals, transforming negative mindsets to positivity, and giving you the resources needed to make these things happen.

A template for making a vision board for your dreams is so much better than making a board from scratch, especially if you’re a beginner.  A template has frames, layouts, prompts, and step-by-step guides on how to use them, as well as other fun and exciting activities you can do for your Law of Attraction journey.


Cutting out pictures from a magazine, making a collage, and mounting the board on a wall may seem like all the steps you need to manifest your dreams.  However, there’s more work to be done.

Here are the things you need to do to make it work:


Take the time each day to visualize your goals coming true.  Even a good 5 to 10 minutes at the start or at the end of the day is enough to program your subconscious about the things you want to attract in your life.

Practice manifestation techniques and use your vision board as your anchor to your dreams.


It’s easy to think of all the things that you lack in life but when you put your attention on the negative things about your life, guess what you will attract?  Negative things, too.  The secret to instantly shifting your mindset is a gratitude journal.

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By looking at the good things you do have in your life right now, you are instantly transforming your mindset from a place of negativity to a place of abundance.  Thoughts of abundance will eventually attract true abundance in your life.


And the key to the Law of Attraction is emotion.  Thoughts aren’t enough to manifest your goals.  You need to embody the essence of positivity and prosperity to be able to attract these very same things.

You may say you want to have the job of your dreams but you don’t even try to send out an application.  You want to win a million dollars in the lottery but you doubt the system that you don’t even buy a ticket.

Embody the emotions of having your dreams right now and radiate a person who is living her dream life.  That is the true key to the Law of Attraction.

A vision board is one of the simplest and best ways to start practicing your Law of Attraction journey.  Begin by using a vision board template free to download and you can get started immediately.

With pre-designed templates for dream boards, you won’t have to collect magazines, think of a layout for your board, or manually cut out pictures.  Everything is ready for you to use and step-by-step instructions guide you on your manifestation journey.

Begin manifesting the life of your dreams with vision boards and using the concepts of the Law of the Law of Attraction.

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