A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Vision Board Picture Ideas for Making Your Dreams Come True

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Pictures are the lifeblood of vision boards. The images you mount on your board trigger positive emotions, inspire, motivate, and get you excited. This means pictures are crucial when it comes to using vision boards as a manifestation technique.

But not just any picture.  The images and visuals have to truly represent your heart’s desires. They have to encapsulate the true yearnings of your heart, of the life you want to attract, and the goals you want to achieve.

In this article, we’ll explain the importance of pictures for your vision board, what science says about using visuals, and how you can use your knowledge of pictures to manifest better.

Why Are Pictures for Vision Boards Important?

When making a dream board, you have to understand the importance of the pictures you choose to mount on your board.  It’s setting intentions to the Universe without having to say a single word.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words and it’s true. A picture is equal to a thousand words explaining one thing.

The impact a picture has is instant, making it incredibly important for your manifestation journey. We’ve written a great article on the power of visuals and you can find it here.

Here are some benefits of using pictures for your Law of Attraction practice:

  • Physical Reminders of Your Goals

Experts believe that one of the things we forget about the most in our daily lives is our intentions. Stress and pressures of life can make us forget our goals, wants, and dreams.  That is why we need a physical reminder of these dreams.

In a concept called Cognitive Offloading, making physical representations of our intentions can help us remember.  Physical representations can include to-do lists, an alarm on your phone, and yes, vision boards.

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By making these physical representations of our goals, we are offloading this cognitive stress on our brains, helping us focus on our goals without having to use too much brain power.

Because of this, we can give more of our attention to other things, such as doing things to fulfill our goals, which in turn, helps us reach our goals much faster.


  • Helps You Stay Focused and Motivated

vision board placed in a location where you get to see it every day stands as a reminder of your goals.  The more you see visuals of what you want to attract, the more focused and motivated you will be to fulfill them.


  • Picture Superiority Effect

A psychological concept called the Picture Superiority Effect states that pictures are more powerful than words in terms of memory and impact.

Studies show that 60% of people recall visual information presented to them, versus only 10% when the information given was in text only.

This shows the superior effect of pictures when it comes to information processing and memory recall.


The Power of Visuals for Manifestation

We can also understand the power of pictures in manifestation by taking a look at the effect of visuals when it comes to learning and memory.


  • Scientific Principles on the Benefits of Visuals in Memory

The mind is able to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.  While writing down your goals is also effective at helping you achieve them, using visuals to represent your goals and dreams works so much faster in terms of comprehension.

Studies also show that humans are mostly visual learners, with more than 60% of the population learning more from visuals than any other forms, such as written text or audio information.

We can take advantage of this knowledge of using visuals for learning and memory when it comes to making vision boards that use pictures that trigger a strong emotional impact.


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We’ve written a great article about The Science Behind Using Visuals for Vision Boards, where we talk about other principles and studies that support the use of pictures to manifest your dreams.  You can find the article here.


  • Importance of Making Artistic Vision Boards

We also want to highlight the importance of being creative when making your dream board.  Yes, it’s important to choose the best images but it’s also important that you apply some form or creativity to your manifestation technique.

Creativity has been shown to boost well-being, improve mood, and make you feel happier.  Some of the ways you can be creative when making your dream board include exercising before you make one, using the effects of color to achieve a certain mood, and not giving yourself pressure to finish your board at a specific time.

Creativity stimulates positive emotions, which is needed when it comes to attracting what you want.  In order to increase your vibrational frequency to match your goals, you need to improve your mood, be healthy, and get rid of negative thoughts.

Do you know how you can do this? By practicing creative endeavors.  So yes, take advantage of the benefits of creativity by making an artistic vision board.

We’ve written a great article on how you can make an artistic vision board and you can find it here.


How to Choose Vision Board Picture Ideas to Make Your Dreams Come True

Now that you have an idea why visuals or pictures are crucial for your vision board practice, here are some tips on how to choose vision board pictures ideas to make your dream come true:


  • Use Social Media

The keyword “manifestation” has over 25 billion views on TikTok and over 15 million posts on Instagram, showing that the Law of Attraction has taken over social media.


vision board picture ideas


Celebrities and successful personalities have used social media to set their intentions, announce affirmations, and share their real-life stories of success using manifestation techniques.

If you’re on social media, you can leverage this trend and popularity by using it as a means to manifest your dreams.

Share images of your vision board, create an online dream board, and set your intentions on Twitter, more recently known as “X.”

You can also find a great article we’ve written about using images of vision boards through social media to manifest your dreams, and you can find it here.


Use Pictures That Trigger Emotions

It’s not enough that pictures represent your goals.  But pictures should also trigger positive emotions.  Does a picture make you feel happy? Excited? Passionate? Motivated?  If it doesn’t entice positive emotions, then it’s not the best image to use on your board.

Remember that feeling is key to manifestation.  You can think about having kids, but how do you really feel about it?  You need to match the vibrational energy of what you want to attract.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract it in your life.

The best way to attract it is to match the feeling of finally achieving your goals. But of course, it’s not always easy to find pictures that trigger positive emotions, which is why you might need the help of vision board magazines designed and created specifically for dream boards.

The Vision Cloud promotes positive emotions by helping you find happiness, abundance, and prosperity.  With a mission to help you design and create your dream life, The Vision Cloud supports your goals and helps you believe that anything is possible.

You and the Universe work together to make your dreams come true, and it all starts with feeling good to raise your vibrational frequency.


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The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription does just that.  With a vision board magazine that has over 100 images you can use for your dream board, you get to choose from different categories of life goals that are specifically created to trigger positive emotions.

With the subscription, not only will you get a magazine, but you’ll also receive goal-setting worksheets, a guide to making vision boards that work, and daily SMS of motivational and inspirational quotes.

In addition, you also get access to an exclusive Facebook community, and an invite to a yearly conference where you get to meet other dreamers, enjoy wellness activities, and learn more about manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

For more information about The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, please click this link  and get started on your road to your dream life.


  • Aid to Visualization

Manifestation without visualization will not work.  You need to practice visualization techniques to manifest.  This means that making a dream board is not enough to achieve your goals.  You need to meditate and practice visual imagery, journaling, and other forms of visualization techniques to help you manifest your dreams.

We’ve written a helpful article about visualization and vision boards, and you can find it here.

Visuals, pictures, and dream boards are great aids to visualization.  For many people, imagining their dreams can be challenging.  They find it hard to calm their minds, focus, and daydream about their goals.

A vision board with great-quality pictures can assist you with visualizing your dreams. By looking at your pictures and feeling the emotions of having achieved your goals, you can use the details in the images to practice visual imagery.

Pictures are a simple aid to visualization and that is why a dream board is very important in your journey to manifest your dream life.


vision cloud vision board


Visuals and manifestation go hand in hand. While writing about your dreams and goals is effective at manifesting, you can take it a step further by using pictures and ideas for vision boards that elevate your manifesting ability.

By learning the importance of visuals and how you can use them to your advantage, you can begin to align your actions, thoughts, and emotions to attract your goals.

Harness the power of visuals, words, and positive emotions to create the life of your dreams with the best picture ideas for a vision board.

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