How To Make Vision Board DIY Kits For A Vision Board Party

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Numerous studies reveal that social support is essential for physical and mental health.  A lack thereof leads to harmful consequences.  Because one’s social support network is so important in one’s life, it’s essential that we continually engage in social connection.

Arnold Schwarzenneger once famously said that the concept of a self-made man does not exist.  In a speech he made at the University of Houston, Schwarzenegger says that he wouldn’t be where he was without his family, mentors, and his teachers.

Family, friends, and colleagues all create your social support network, which is believed to be the key to helping you achieve success.

We believe that frequent engagement in social activities with people that support you can help you make your dreams come true.  Aside from giving you emotional support, they can also help you with your needs to achieve success in your career, business, or even in your psychological health.

One of the simplest ways you can share your gift of ambition is by hosting a vision board party with your close social support network.  Not only will you get to share your hopes and dreams, but you can also introduce the manifestation technique of using vision boards to help your family and friends achieve their goals as well.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to make vision board DIY kits for a vision board party, helping you and your social support network turn each other’s dreams into reality.


When organizing a vision board party, what is the one thing you need to prepare?  Well, a vision board kit for every invited guest, of course!  If you’ve never made a vision board before, then you need to know the supplies and materials needed to make one.

We’ve written a great blog on vision board supplies, which can help you understand what you need.  It’s an in-depth guide on what to buy to make a great vision board.  But we’ve also made a list here with a few tips.

vision board diy



  • 1 Sturdy Board
  • Glue or Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Pictures or Magazines
  • Stickers for embellishments

You can buy these materials at any craft or art store or you can also buy them online.  For the magazines, we’ve also made a great guide on the best magazines to use for any vision board party.

You can also print out images online from these clipart image sources, which we’ve also recommended in an article here.


  • Basket
  • Box
  • Tote Bag

Once you’ve purchased all the materials for your vision board kits, place them in a box, basket, or tote bag, which you can give to your guests each.

You can customize the containers by having the bag printed with your guest’s name, or you can tie a ribbon on the box or basket with a name card.  Make sure to make it as beautiful as you can.

If buying individual pieces of these materials and supplies seem like a hassle, you can also purchase vision board kits like The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit.  This kit is complete with everything you need to make a vision board and so much more.

vision cloud vision board


It contains 100 images or pictures, 40 stickers, and 60 motivational words that can fill the foldable sturdy board that comes with the kit.  It also has a mounting putty, Velcro adhesives for mounting on a wall, a cute checkbook from the “Universal Bank,” worksheets for monthly goal setting, and two activity sheets that will help you before and after you’ve done your board.

These kits come in beautiful, sturdy boxes you can give out at your vision board party, and once you’re done making the collages, simply fold them back and place them in the boxes.  It will be so convenient for your guests to take them home with them after your vision board party.

vision cloud vision board



Here are tips on how to organize a vision board party:


The best time to host a vision board party is at the start or end of the year.  There’s something symbolic about ending and starting the year on the right path, and making a vision board is one of the best ways to do this.

However, any time is a great time to host a vision board party, as long as your guests are free and it doesn’t coincide with any other occasion so you and your guests can focus on making your boards.

Avoid scheduling your party during mealtime, so mid-afternoon or after-dinner are great times to hold your vision board party.


Invite family and friends who are close to you.  You need to be comfortable enough to share your goals, hopes, and dreams, so your guests must be people who are close to your heart.

You can also invite people with whom you want to share the gift of vision boards, such as new colleagues at work, or a person who may be going through a hard time.

A new divorcee who wants to move forward or a colleague who wants to change careers are great people to invite to a vision board party because they need to have a fresh start, and you can be the catalyst of this change in their lives.


You can host a vision board party at your own home as long as you have a long table or several tables you can use to work on your boards.

If your home isn’t a great venue for a vision board party, you can rent co-working spaces or a meeting room with a long table to host the party.

A venue also needs to be quiet so you can focus on making your goals and dreams without loud music blasting in the background.


Before you get started on making your vision boards, you need to explain and introduce what vision boards are, a little information on the Law of Attraction, goal-setting techniques, manifestation techniques, as well as other essential things you need to discuss.

diy vision board dream wall


Once your guests finish making their vision boards, take turns explaining and sharing what’s inside each other’s vision boards.


  • Prepare drinks and food that are not messy, since you’ll be using your hands to cut and paste pictures on your board.
  • Set a time to start and finish the vision board DIY kits, so your guests can finish their boards during the party.  People who don’t finish their boards at a vision board party are most likely unable to complete their boards at home.
  • Create vision board theme nights if you frequently hold vision board parties with the same people.  One theme could be Career, and another party could be about Travel vision boards, and so on.

A vision board party is a unique idea for getting family and friends together.  It’s not just any regular social gathering, but it’s an activity you can do to start the ignition for moving in the direction of your dreams.  By hosting the party, you can become the catalyst for making your social network’s dreams come true, too.


It’s a party with vision board DIY kits, friends, food, and drinks.  So how will that help you achieve your dreams?  Well, we’ve enumerated four ways a vision board party can turn your dreams into reality:


By sharing your goals with friends and family, you can get feedback from people who may have achieved the success you want.  If you share that your goal is going on a European tour next summer, one of the invited guests may have already done that and can help you make that goal a reality.

If you want to be a pilot, one of the guests may know a pilot and can help you get connected with the right people and institutions to make that dream a reality.

diy vision board kit



Having people praise your goals and tell you you can do them can help you gain more confidence in achieving your goals.  A vision board party is a positive experience with positive people and the boost of confidence can help you become motivated to go after your dreams.


In a 2019 Journal of Applied Psychology study, researchers discovered that if you share your goals with someone whom you respect and value, you are more likely to achieve them.  So for your next vision board party, invite family and friends whose careers and lives you admire, then share your goals to increase the likelihood of you achieving them.

Sharing and announcing your goals to people whom you perceive as having higher status can make you more accountable for your actions, thus, increasing the chances of fulfilling your goals.


A 2016 study by TD Bank reveals that people who keep vision boards of their “financial” and “other goals” are twice as confident about reaching their goals versus those who don’t.  Thus, a vision board party can motivate you to make and keep a vision board of your goals as a tangible and daily reminder of what you want to achieve.

If you’ve always wanted to make a vision board but never had the chance or time, a vision board party can help you to finally make one.

Make vision board DIY kits for a vision board party with family and friends, and share your goals and dreams with the people who matter most.  Use this guide to host your very own party, and motivate each other to make each other’s dreams come true.

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