How To Make A Vision Board 2024 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’re one of the 70% of people in the world who know their star sign, you might have read your horoscope at one point in your life. Or, if you believe in astrology, reading about your zodiac sign may be a common occurrence.

Whether you believe in Western astrology or not, reading about what’s going to happen to you in 2024 can be a great way to find direction for the new year.

For this article, we’ll teach you how to make a vision board 2024 based on the predictions of your zodiac sign.

But first, what is Western astrology, and can it really predict your future?


From reading horoscopes to determining whether you and your partner are a good fit, zodiac signs have been used in modern times to explain personalities, predict the future, and even offer words of comfort.

In the US, 27% of adults believe in Astrology, while 22% are unsure, and 51% don’t believe it’s real.  This is according to a YouGov survey that was conducted in 2022.

Other numbers from other countries include 48% in the UK, 25% in Canada, and 67% in India believing in the science of astrology.

For millennials who go through periods of stress, 58% of them turn to astrology.  And earlier in the article, we also revealed that 70% of people worldwide know their zodiac sign.

It’s clear to see that astrology is a big part of people’s lives, whether they learn about it for fun, or if it’s become a big part of their lives.

Many people use zodiac signs to help create their dream life by using astrology in their decision-making, whether it’s for relationships, business decisions, or even for daily mundane things.

how do you make a vision board


But what is astrology, how did it come about, and how can you use it to make 2024 your best year yet?


Astrology is the study of how the cosmos influences human personality, behavior, moods, and events here on Earth.

The cosmos includes the stars, sun, and moon, and astrologers study the movements to predict and provide information about what’s going to happen in a person’s life, such as in your career, love life, finance, health, and many other aspects.

You can use your zodiac sign predictions to guide you in making your 2024 vision board, helping you take advantage of what the stars have in store for you within the year.


The zodiac signs we know today have their origins in ancient Babylonia.  They were able to discover the constellations when they noticed the movements of the stars always coincided with certain occurrences, such as eclipses and the changing of seasons.

Ancient Babylonians believed that the position of the planets at the date of birth revealed insights into the child’s personality and future, and that astrology could be used to understand these insights.


As ancient Babylonians believed the date of your birth had a direct influence on your personality, astrology can be used today to help guide you in making decisions for many different aspects of your life.

Though there has never been any scientific evidence that astrology is true, a significant number of people around the world still believe in its capacity to foretell your future, simply by studying the movements and planets of the celestial bodies.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, your zodiac sign can serve as a guide to help you which direction to choose when making important decisions in your career, love life, finances, health, and so much more.

how do i make a vision board


However, it is important to note that the predictions of the zodiac signs are suggestions and readings based on the movements of the planets, and should never be considered as the final word or solution.

When making your vision board for 2024, you can use your zodiac sign predictions to help you prioritize your goals, give you clarity, as well as give you the inspiration to chase after your dreams.

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Are you excited to know what the Universe and the cosmos have in store for you this 2024?  Here is a simple guide to making vision boards in 2024 based on your zodiac sign:


The start of the year sees Aries start on a good note in terms of career, business, and finance.  However, the cosmos also recommends you work hard for your success.

In terms of relationships, the start of the year isn’t looking so good but this will change at the end of the year.

Make a career, finance, or business vision board to help you stay focused and motivated in these areas of your life.


Career stability and success are on the horizon for you in 2024, as well as smooth romantic progress.  However, the stars also tell you to be cautious in your spending habits.

Create a budget board to help you keep your spending in check, and a career dream board to help you stay inspired and motivated.


Disruptions in your love life will occur in 2024, so make a love and romance dream board to help manage this possible challenge.

The stars are also showing you will have expansions in your finance and/or business, so it’s also a good idea to make a wealth vision board to harness this good energy.


The start of your career is seen to be challenging but plenty of good opportunities are seen to come as the year progresses.

Create a general vision board of your overall goals to help you stay focused on creating a generally good 2024.

  • LEO

Your career may have challenges at the start of the year so create a career vision board to offset what the stars have in store for you.

how do you make a vision board


The cosmos are also seeing a time to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, so 2024 is a great year to make a personal growth and development dream board.


2024 is seen as a year of transformation for Virgos, which contains both good and bad changes.  While you may have improvements in certain areas of your life, the stars are also telling you to take breaks and practice self-care.

You may also improve your professional life, but this will cause problems in your love life. Create a vision board for happy, satisfying relationships to remind you that your partner or loved ones need you, too.


Your career is looking good at the start of the year, but you need to be cautious about borrowing money, especially since home improvements are also in the stars for you in 2024.

Romance is also on the horizon, either in the Spring or Autumn seasons.

Create a vision board for your dream home but also make a finance or budget vision board to help you manifest the money you need to complete this project.


Your hard work is seen to be rewarded in 2024, but finances may take a back seat.  Create a wealth vision board to offset this prediction, and help you attract money into your life.

It is also recommended that you align yourself with people who have the same values and dreams as you, as they can help you reach your goals.  Try to create a social support network dream board to achieve this.


Money luck is seen in your 2024 prediction and you’re going to be making the right decisions that will attract the best people in your life.  Your love life may be slow, but it will pick up in November to December.

how to make a dream board vision board


Create a success vision board to help you supercharge your ability to achieve your goals in 2024.


The stars are telling you to avoid excessive spending in 2024 so make a budget or savings vision board to help you manifest good financial decisions.

Significant opportunities for success and personal growth are also in the stars for you so making a personal development dream board is also a great idea.


Pay extra attention to your finances in 2024 and adopt a balanced approach to life.  Make a vision board where you manifest having success in your business or career while also spending time with loved ones and enjoying life altogether.


2024 is the year you must say goodbye to things that are no longer fulfilling your goals, values, and desires.  If you’re in a dead-end job or toxic relationship, this is the year to end it because the stars are telling you something better will come along.

Your 2024 is looking to be a year where you will experience greater satisfaction in independence and change.

Create a vision board that shows new beginnings and a fresh start in your life.  Manifest new things to happen by making dream boards of things you want to attract.

The zodiac signs provide powerful insights from the cosmos and even though they may hold strong energies that foretell your near future, you must only regard them as guides, and never your final fate.

The true director of your life is you.  You have the power to make better choices and changes for yourself.  In this guide on how to make a vision board 2024, use the guides from astrology and manifest your dream life with optimism, belief, and confidence in yourself.

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