A Guide to Choosing the Best Dream Board Pictures for Manifestation

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Have you decided to make a dream board but don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to choose the best pictures to make your vision board, helping you achieve your goals and dreams through the Law of Attraction.

If you’ve never made one before, we understand it can be quite confusing what to do, especially when it comes to finding and choosing the best visual manifestations of your dreams.

In this article, we’ll show you how vision boards help in goal-setting, and of course, how to choose the best dream board pictures so you can harness the power of your thoughts to create your reality.

Vision Boards as a Form of Cognitive Offloading

Why do vision boards work in goal-setting?  A psychological concept called Cognitive Offloading might just be the answer.

Sam Gilbert, a professor at the University College London who teaches cognitive neuroscience stated: “It’s quite hard to achieve our goals, there are many, many reasons why we get led astray, or we don’t manage to realize our goals.”

And one of these reasons could be as simple as forgetting about them.  The saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” rings true for a lot of things, which includes our goals.  When we are consumed by work, our personal lives, our health, and other things that fill our day, our goals and dreams can sometimes be put aside.

We need a visual reminder of these goals, so we stay motivated and committed to making our dreams happen.

A psychological term called “Cognitive Offloading” is one way to help us remember.  The concept is defined as doing a physical action to minimize the demands in our brains.

dream board images


Studies reveal that 50% to 70% of the things we fail to remember every day are our intentions.  Research reveals that creating physical reminders is one way to solve this problem.

One form of cognitive offloading is intentional offloading, and this is storing our intentions in places outside of our brains.  This includes writing down a to-do list, setting alarms, writing on post-it notes and placing them on our desks, and yes, making vision boards.

Intention offloading can help us remember our goals and follow through with action.  When we reduce the cognitive stress of to-do lists, a 5-year goal plan, and other plans to do things to achieve an outcome, it helps reduce the anxiety and fears we may have in terms of achieving these goals.

This is where pictures on a dream board can greatly help us achieve our goals, turning our thoughts into reality. With less stress on our brains, vision boards can help your brain perform better when it comes to identifying opportunities that align with your goals, as well as taking the necessary actions to achieve them.


How to Choose Dream Board Pictures for Manifestation

Now that you know the massive importance of using pictures as reminders for your goals, it’s time you learn how to choose pictures for your vision board.

Creating a collage of your dreams is not as simple as choosing random images and putting them together.  Treat visuals as a form of representation of your goals come to life, and use these visuals to remind you of your intentions for achieving your dreams.

Here are tips for choosing the best dream board pictures for manifestation:


  1. Know Your Intentions

Take the time to meditate on what you want your life to look like.  Write down your goals, determine what your North Star is, and choose the goals that will help you achieve your dream life.

Your North Star or guiding light, could be your career, finances, your family, your children, and so on.


dream board photos


You can practice visualization meditation to daydream about the kind of life you want to have.  Imagine your future life as a movie and watch yourself living in your dream home, your kids running around, a buffet of food on the table, your dream car, and having complete fulfillment in life.

Once you determine what you want to attract in your life, set your intentions into the Universe and begin looking for the best pictures that represent this life.


  1. Choose Images that Evoke Emotions

It’s not enough that you choose an image of a mansion to represent your dream house.  Look for photos that get you excited, make you want to start working for it, and get you feeling all the positive emotions each time you look at the image.

Choose images that emit the energies of what you’re looking for.


  1. Use High-Quality Images

Choose images that are sharp and clear.  Avoid using old pictures from magazines that are blurry, faded, or unclear.  Try to find images that focus on your vision.  For example, you want to manifest traveling with your family but the picture you choose has an image of business people in the background.

That could be confusing, so find another image that only shows a happy family in an airport, on a boat, or strolling along the promenade of the French Riviera.

Make sure the images you choose for your dream board pictures are clear and specific.


  1. Find Photos Here

If you don’t know where to get pictures just yet, aside from magazines, you can search online, such as stock photography libraries like Unsplash, Pexels, Shutterstock, and so on.  You can also buy vision board magazines that contain powerful photos of different categories of life goals.


vision cloud magazine


One of these vision board magazines is The Vision Cloud, a company committed to integrating the Law of Attraction into your daily life.

With a mission to help you achieve happiness through effective manifestation, The Vision Cloud helps to transform your mindset to achieve prosperity and abundance.  Teaching you that you have the power to design and create your dream life, The Vision Cloud ensures that you harness the power of the Universe.

How does The Vision Could do this?  By offering a vision board magazine subscription that features a physical magazine with over 100 images you can use for your dream board, as well as giving you access to an exclusive Facebook community.

But that’s not all, you also get to receive daily SMS containing inspirational and motivational quotes, goal-setting worksheets, a guide to making dream boards, and an invite to a yearly conference where you experience wellness activities, learn more about vision boards, and of course, meet inspiring dreamers who use manifestation to make their dreams come true.

Get more information about The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription by clicking this link and get started choosing the best pictures for your dream board.


  1. Add Words

Words are also powerful in helping you achieve confidence and the belief that anything is possible.  Add affirmations, quotes, and powerful words on your dream board.  It’s better if you write them yourself, or you make beautiful graphics of powerful words.


  1. Review and Revise

Once you’ve chosen the pictures for your dream board, don’t mount them on your board just yet.  Collect them and assess each one to see if the images align with your intentions.


best vision board images


Circle back and compare the images to your list of goals.  Do the photos trigger positive emotions?  Are they clear and precise?  Do they align with your goals and dreams?  And more importantly, do they truly represent what you want to attract in your life?

You can remove images that don’t, and continue choosing pictures to complete your collage of dreams.


  1. Visit Your Board Regularly

Once you’ve done your board and placed it in a location you can see every day, don’t stop there. Sometimes, when you see something every day, it begins to lose its impact.

Make a commitment to visit your board at least twice a day to help remind you of your goals. Remember intention offloading as a way to remind you of your goals, so take this time to look at your college and visualize all the emotions you’ll feel when you finally achieve your dreams.

It’s important that you take the time to visit your board regularly and practice visualization to help you remember all the goals you want to achieve.

Once you’ve made your first dream board, you will start noticing the small and big things that will eventually appear in your life.  If you want to quit smoking and you see pictures of people who’ve succeeded in this goal on your board, this will help to inspire and motivate you to do the same.

When you’ve finally achieved all the goals on your vision board, don’t stop there, either.  Continue making new goals and create dream boards as part of your habit.  Integrate the Law of Attraction into your life and watch as the Universe cooperates to give you the life that you want.

Use visuals to help you reach your goals and harness the power of dream board pictures.

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