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Steps For Creating Your Dream Wedding Vision Board

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Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life.  While thinking about budget, venue, people to invite, and other major decisions may seem like the first things a couple chooses to work on, most couples actually start with the style and vibe of their wedding.

Once the overall style is set, all other decisions will be influenced by this choice, helping to create a better-oiled wedding planning machine.

Hiring a wedding planner is a common option for most couples.  In a study by The Knot magazine, they discovered that 34% of couples hire a planner for their wedding. But even if you book the best planner on the planet, you can never be sure that the vision you have for your special day will come to reality.

The best thing to do to create a visual representation of your dream wedding is through a vision board.  A dream wedding vision board helps you get clear about your intentions, aids you in organizing your ideas, and helps you to communicate your vision more efficiently.

In this article, we’ll present you with the steps to creating a vision board for your dream wedding, but also a few reasons why making one is a must for couples.


A New York Times report revealed that over 2.2 million weddings were predicted to occur in the US in 2022.  And it wasn’t just exclusive to that year alone.  In 2019, there were a reported 1.68 million weddings happening, which goes to show that millions of couples tie the knot each year.

Because of this, there are billions of wedding ideas floating around the country, and so much more around the world.  When you search for wedding styles and fashions online, you get billions and billions of ideas and vibes that choosing one for your special day can become a major headache.

This is where the wedding vision board comes in.  A collection of words and images can help you get clear about what you want, as well as what details best represent your unique personality and the very vision of what you want to have for your dream wedding.

Here are the major reasons why creating a vision board for your wedding will help you manifest your dream special day:

wedding vision board ideas



As mentioned earlier, there are billions of wedding ideas in the world.  Choosing the best style for your wedding can be hard, which is why a vision board is needed to help you find clarity about the details of your big day.

Being clear and specific about your goals is also one of the best ways to achieve your goals.  We’ve written an article about effective techniques for goal-setting, and one of these methods is the SMART Goals.  You can learn more about his goal-setting technique here.

Setting clear goals is also the first rule of the Law of Attraction, which will help you improve the way you manifest your vision.


In your process of choosing ideas, colors, details, and themes, making a vision board for your wedding will help you create a cohesive theme.

Sure, merging concepts is perfectly fine and even amazing, such as blending a rustic and nautical theme for a wedding.  But some ideas can also be chaotic, which can lead to confusion and a general feeling of clutter for your wedding.

A cohesive wedding idea can help you make better decisions moving forward.


Hiring a wedding planner so you won’t have to lift a finger for your wedding plans is perfectly fine.  Talking about your desires, your personality, and the general feel of your big day is also great.  But you need to have a visual representation of what you want.

Telling a wedding planner you want sage green for your bridesmaid dresses may lead to miscommunication because there are plenty of different shades of shade green.  You might tell your planner you want a multilayer cake, but what you actually mean is a tiered cake, which is two different things.

A vision board for your wedding ideas can help you better communicate your vision so you and your vendors can efficiently agree on what to produce on the big day.

wedding vision board



Most people think that making a vision board is as easy as collecting a few images and making a collage.  But if you want your board to work, to manifest your vision for your wedding, you need to follow these steps:


Take the time to sit down with your partner and talk about what you want your wedding day to look like.  Do you want an intimate or grand wedding?  Or maybe a destination wedding with just the two of you?

What kind of clothes do you want to wear on your big day?  Who do you invite?  What kind of entertainment do you want to have for your reception?  And do you want a church wedding, a civil wedding, or do you want a beach wedding?

List down the things you want and get clear about your goals and desires for one of the most important days of your life.


Once you’re clear about the details of your dream wedding, start collecting images.  Use bridal and wedding magazines, use online sources of clipart images or free picture download sources, or you can create your very own original illustrations.

One of the most recommended platforms for wedding ideas is Pinterest. You can even make a digital Pinterest vision board and share it with your family and friends who can help you collect ideas for your dream wedding.

What makes Pinterest an amazing source of vision board pictures is that it has an intuitive algorithm that gives you suggestions based on what you browsed on the site.  This opens you up to new ideas beyond your original vision of your wedding.

You can also use a complete vision board kit that has everything you need to make a physical vision board.  What makes physical vision boards perfect for manifesting your dream wedding is that you can place them in a place where you see them every day, giving you a daily reminder and inspiration for your dream wedding.

how to make a wedding vision board


The Vision Cloud is one of the bestselling vision board companies and their vision kits are perfect for your physical board objectives.  The Vision Board Magazine Kit, for example, features a magazine with over 500 images and words you can cut out.

The pictures are categorized depending on a theme, and the Relationships category features an abundance of images you can use for your wedding vision board.  This category in the magazine features lovely couples, flowers, hearts, loving words, and images of weddings that are perfect for your dream wedding vision board.


Before you mount your board, take the time to look at it again and start refining it.  Take out images that don’t represent what you really want, or remove redundant images.  Be more specific with the pictures you want to have, as well as remove anything that makes your board feel cluttered.

Less is always more because it helps you get clear about your goals.

Follow these steps and create the vision board that will assist you in manifesting the wedding of your dreams, shared with the people you love the most.


Here are a few more tips on how to make a vision board for your wedding:


With billions of ideas online, it can be hard to choose a style and vibe that hasn’t been done before.  If you want a completely different concept, expand your vision beyond weddings.  Look at corporate events, fantasy gatherings, and other kinds of themes that you can turn into a wedding.

Looking at themes beyond weddings will help you create a fun, original, and exciting style that will have your guests talking about it for years.


Of course, a vision board will not work if you don’t practice visualizing the results.  Take the time each day to visualize dancing to your favorite band playing on stage, imagine wearing the most beautiful wedding dress you’ve ever seen, and feel the emotions of a beautiful wedding day.

Match the vibrations of a memorable, romantic, and loving big day for you and your future spouse.

vision board for wedding



If creating one big vision board for your wedding is too general, create different vision boards for each category on your list.  You can create a different vision board for your fashions, another one for the decor, another one for the live entertainment, and so on.

Creating a vision board for your wedding budget is also a great idea to help you with your finances.

A dream wedding should be a possibility for every couple, but with budget and time constraints, the inability to create a singular vision, and other stresses that come along with planning a wedding, dream weddings remain to be a dream for most.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you.  A vision board for your wedding ideas can help you manifest what you desire for your special day.  Start making your wedding vision board and watch as the best day of your life unravels in front of you on your big day.

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