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Congratulations on your engagement.  The decision to get married is not an easy one;  finances to think about, your future life together, the decision to have kids or not, and so many things to plan and do.

One of the things most likely on top of your head right now is planning your wedding.  Whether you want a civil, church, or destination wedding, it’s full of hard work, brainstorming, and months and months of careful planning.

According to The Wedding Report, which is an industry research firm, nearly 7 million couples in the US are expected to get married in the next three years, from 2022.  That’s 7 million brides and grooms gunning for similar venues, trendy themes, and the hottest wedding ideas.

All the details of your wedding can be overwhelming but one simple tool can help you create cohesion and direction.  What is it?  The answer is a wedding mood board.


A mood board is a collage of the details you want to feature in your wedding.  It is very similar to a vision board but it focuses more on planning for your very special union, where you exchange vows and become husband and wife. Whereas a vision board is more about general goals.

A wedding mood board can be digital, which means you collect different images from the internet and create a collage of ideas.  Some online software offers free mood board features such as Canva and Pinterest, but we believe a physical mood board is so much more fun to do.

Just like a vision board, creating a wedding mood board can help you attract the very images and words you have on your board.  It helps you with your direction, as well as makes your wedding day cohesive in terms of theme and details.

wedding mood board template


You can make one main wedding mood board that represents the major idea of your wedding day, or you can also make multiple boards featuring specific details of your wedding.  An example could be a mood board for your color palette, a different one for your wedding ensembles, flower arrangements, food, entertainment, and so on.

We do, however, suggest multiple mood boards to be more effective since the rules of the Law of Attraction teach us that the more specific you are with your desires, the more you attract the very things you want.


A report by the Wedding Planning Institute revealed that 27% of all couples in the US planning to get married hire a wedding planner for their wedding day.  If you are one of these couples, you might ask yourself why you still need to create a mood board even when a professional is doing the work for you.

Well, the answer is found in this data:  a survey by Brides magazine reveals that 51% of women and 47% of men list “personal style” as a top priority for their wedding day.

This data goes to show that personal preferences are one of the main factors when it comes to choosing wedding details.  Even if you hire the best wedding planner on the planet, they don’t really know your deepest, inner desires for your wedding day.  You can tell them, but communicating what you want through images is so much more effective when it comes to getting your messages across.

Here are other reasons why you need to make a wedding mood board:


Sometimes words can’t fully cover everything you want to say.  A mood board is a visual representation of your vision for your wedding, which includes colors, styles, themes, textures, and the overall aesthetic of your wedding day.

Send out your digital vision board to your vendors and wedding planner to streamline the process of having to explain what you want and need on your wedding day.

mood board for wedding



One visit to Pinterest and you’re bombarded with so many ideas for your wedding that it can get overwhelming.  You may want a beach wedding but you also want to include an ice sculpture, or you want to wear a ballgown instead of something flowy.

Creating a wedding mood board helps you to stay focused on your theme and avoid clashing ideas.


And lastly, what most couples want to achieve with their wedding planning is to save time and money.  With a clear-cut vision, you won’t be easily distracted by unnecessary details that don’t match your overall idea.  Thus, you can prevent spending on things that don’t align with your vision, preventing unnecessary expenses.


Now that you know how important and beneficial a wedding mood board is, here is an expert tip on making mood boards:  make a digital and a physical mood board.

Why do we want you to make a digital and a physical mood board?  Well, a physical mood board is your personal tool to collate your ideas.  The digital mood boards, on the other hand, are for your vendors and your wedding planner.  By giving them copies of your mood board, you can assure everyone involved in planning your wedding will be on the same page.

For a digital wedding mood board, we suggest using Pinterest.  We’ve written a great blog on using the online platform to create vision boards, and we believe it’s a great tool to share with others.

For a physical wedding mood board, we suggest vision board kits.  These kits have everything you need to make a mood board:  a sturdy board, pictures, stickers, as well as visualization and goal-setting activities.

One of these kits is The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit.  It is a fantastic kit to work with, as it has a large, sturdy, foldable board, 100 images, 40 stickers, and 60 motivational words.  Though the pictures are not exclusively about weddings, there are a few pictures with wedding day images.

the vision cloud vision board


You can also supplement the images with cutouts of pictures from bridal magazines.  We’ve also written a great article on the top magazines to use for vision boards and we’ve included one about weddings.  You can check out the article here.


If you’re ready to make your wedding mood board, here are some experts tips for making one: 


Set aside some time to sit down with your partner to discuss what you want for your wedding day.  Do you want it to be laidback, formal, or something that’s full of fun activities?

How many guests do you want to invite?  What kind of ceremony do you want?

Create a wedding checklist and once you’ve made it, start looking for images that resonate with your wedding goals.


Robin Verrier, founder and art director of Verry Robin & Co., a Charlottesville-based creative consultant, you should discover your palette organically.

You may like the color palette of mint and peach but does it match the season of your wedding day?  Or you may like blue and silver, but do these colors resonate with your beach theme?

Discovering your palette organically means looking at magazines or ideas on Pinterest and finding colors that resonate with you.


Don’t limit yourself to wedding magazines and sources.  You can also use travel magazines and even entertainment magazines to find your inspiration.  One idea could be having a fairyland theme wedding inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga, or even a Little Mermaid theme where your wedding decor is all about bright colors inspired by the underwater world.

Take your imagination to new heights. There are no rules to wedding themes, as long as it resonates with your personality and your relationship, then, by all means, create the wedding of your dreams.


Use your digital vision board to communicate your ideas to your wedding planner and vendors.  But more than just sending them your collage of images, you should also express the overall mood of your wedding day.

You can include music in your Canva mood board, or you can give them a box of scents, textures, colors, and treats to give the overall idea of your wedding day.

mood board wedding



The best tip we can give you is to create your wedding mood board now.  Don’t wait for the perfect day, the perfect time, or the perfect moment.  Create the perfect time to make your wedding mood board, and that is as soon as you can.  The earlier you get the ball rolling, the less stress you’ll have days before your wedding day.

Though a mood board is quite different from a vision board, they both work in the same way.  While a mood board is simply to create cohesion in your wedding day details, you can also use manifestation and visualization techniques to attract your dream wedding.

Once you’re done making your mood board, take the time to meditate and visualize the perfect wedding day.  Use the power of the Law of Attraction to create one of the most unforgettable days of your lives as a couple.

We also have a lot of articles on relationships, finances, and goal-setting we believe you can use to manifest your dream wedding.  You can find these articles here.

The road to your dream wedding starts with creating your wedding mood board.  Start making your college today and watch as the Universe works in your favor.

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