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5 MUST Have Vision Board Supplies (And 2 That You Were Missing!)

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There is no doubt that a vision board goes a long way in helping you manifest your life goals. But how compelling your vision board will turn out depends on your vision board supplies.

We all know about the “traditional” vision board supplies list. But where’s the fun in sticking to the basics and doing the bare minimum to get by?

Trust me! Your results (in anything you do) always depend on your attention to detail. If you are creating another average vision board, it will definitely not give you the miracles you were secretly hoping for.

Vision board kit


If you want to create a vision board that inspires you to do your best and fills your imagination with infinite possibilities about your future, you need to think outside the box. Therefore this vision board will not only introduce the basic vision board supplies but also tell you about others that you didn’t think were important. So, make sure you keep reading till the very end.


A vision board is a collage of pictures and affirmations intended to help you manifest your goals and desires. The main purpose of a vision board is to help you visualize your future and to give your senses a taste of the future.


Vision boards are usually of two kinds:

  1. Physical vision boards
  2. Digital vision boards

A physical vision board is the good, old-school method of creating a collage with the help of a large cardboard, glue, some magazine cut-outs, and a few markers.

The digital vision board doesn’t require any supplies.

You only need basic computer and photo editing skills to create one for yourself. You can find all the pictures and affirmations on the internet and then use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Canva to organize everything into a single digital collage.

What you choose out of these two types is entirely up to you, but research has shown that physical vision boards work better than digital ones for a few reasons:

  • Setting a physical vision board is a multi-sensory experience that engages your mind on a deeper level.
  • Preparing a physical vision board requires you to use your imaginal faculties more intensely.
  • You are likely to spend much more time setting up a physical vision board than a digital one, which will help your mind categorize this activity as something important to you.

Some people develop a preference for one type after experimenting with both for a while. Ultimately, it’s what kind of vision board best fits your needs and taste, but if you are concerned with the quality of results, then a physical board should be your first choice.



The first thing you need to make your vision board is a nice and strong board on which you can post pictures, stickers, quotes, and affirmations.

You will find multiple options for this at your nearest art store or online at amazon.

But there are a few things you should keep in mind while selecting a board:

  1. The board should be strong & durable so that you have the freedom to decorate it with whatever you want.
  2. The board shouldn’t be too small or too large. Just the right size so that all your images and other material fit in nicely.
  3. You must decide if you will use the same board multiple times or if it will be for one-time use only. Ideally, a reusable vision board perfectly serves most people’s needs without generating extra waste.
  4. I like hanging my vision board on a wall. But you must decide where you want to place yours and choose a board, keeping that specific detail in mind.

If you don’t want to be puzzled by choosing the right board, then you can always invest in a vision board kit.

I would recommend you check out Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit. It comes with a strong, sturdy, yet super beautiful board that you can start using without any second thoughts. Also, the board is reusable, automatically increasing its utility and making it the ideal choice for folks who want their purchases to be environmentally friendly.

Vision board ideas



A vision board needs stunning visuals to shift you to another realm as soon as you look at your artwork. To find these images, you can pick up a few magazines around your house or print the images from the internet.

Finding images that suit your needs and help you connect with your desired future takes a bit of work. I spend multiple hours or even days trying to find the right images that accurately represent what I am trying to manifest.

So, I advise you to do the same!

The Vision Cloud’s Magazine Kit solves this problem of finding the images. The kit has a huge colorful magazine that contains high-quality, stunning imagery which you can use to manifest anything in any area of your life.

The vision board kit’s magazine has images for the following categories:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Adventure & Travel
  • Creativity
  • Hobbies
  • Wealth

So, your only job is to choose the images that resonate with you the best, cut them and paste them on the board that comes with the kit.


Since you will have to cut the pictures and quotes to be able to paste them on the vision board, you definitely need a pair of good quality scissors.


You need some kind of fastener like glue or tape to be able to paste your images on the vision board.

Luckily, the Vision Board Magazine Kit comes equipped with fasteners you can use.


vision board supplies products

Words are powerful, and putting them next to images that depict your goals and dreams, is a recipe for instant manifestation. I have seen vision boards that only have images and no words, and to be honest, they soon become very boring to look at. The words always add an extra spark and flavor to the whole arrangement.




A vision board is about choosing your goals, visualizing them, and then taking inspired action. But your goals are not going to remain the same month after month. They will evolve, as will your mindset.

So, it’s super important to keep track of your goals; a weekly or monthly goal-tracking journal is what you need to accomplish that.


While you will have some affirmations plastered over your vision board, creating an affirmation deck on the side is still very important. On the affirmation cards, you can write statements that complement your vision board.

For instance, if you aim to become more confident, you can have an affirmation card that says, “I am full of confidence and charisma.”

Or, for your money goals, you can have cards like, “I receive money from active and passive sources.”

Every time you go through your affirmation deck, the neurological circuits corresponding to your goals will be strengthened and those strong circuits will assist in the manifestation.

The Vision Board Magazine Kit comes equipped with both: a monthly goal tracking journal and a 60-day affirmation challenge booklet so that you have every vision board supply you need to make yours a rewarding experience.

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