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The Law of Attraction is a universal force that’s always present, much like the law of gravity.  We don’t see it, but it governs our lives here on earth.

Every thought we have impacts our lives, whether we like it or not.  This means our thoughts are incredibly important in the general quality of our lives.  And because it’s a powerful force, we must be careful about the things we put in our minds.

This is where affirmations come in.  Affirmations are positive phrases we use to help us create positive thoughts.  If you’ve never used affirmations before, now is the time to incorporate them into your daily life.

In this article, we present to you 27 affirmations for Law of Attraction vision boards you can use right now.  We’ve also come up with a step-by-step guide on how to make Law of Attraction affirmations for yourself.


The Law of Attraction is a universal force that explains “like attracts like.”  Earl Nightingale describes this principle very well in his famous quote:

We become what we think about.”

Whatever it is you focus on, will manifest into reality.  Such is the power and importance of our thoughts.  And if you can attract negativity in your life by being anxious, fearful, and doubtful, you can also turn it around by replacing any limiting beliefs with positive thoughts.

According to the Law of Attraction, you can bring anything to life:  be it a dream job, a million dollars, and even your soulmate.

Affirmations are tools for manifestations.  These are short, concise, and positive phrases you can use to create positive thoughts.  You can say them out loud, recite them in your head, or read them every time you need a dose of positivity.

affirmations law of attraction


Write them down on a piece of paper, paste them on your desk, or wall, or make a vision board that’s full of Law of Attraction affirmations to attract the things in life you want to manifest.

But do they work?  Science says yes.  Countless studies have been done to prove that affirmations work to give you success, attract material things, and even improve your health.

A study published in the Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience conducted an experiment on a group of individuals who were practicing self-affirmations.  MRI scans revealed when these subjects practiced affirmations, the reward centers in their brain were fired up.  Researchers concluded that affirmations ignite neural pathways in the brain, firing up areas associated with happiness and positivity.

In short, affirmations can teach your brain to view the world in a positive light.

To amplify the use and effect of affirmations in your life, try making a Law of Attraction affirmation vision board.  Mount this board on a wall and let it remind you each day that manifesting your dreams takes only a few minutes of positive thoughts every day.

You can use a digital vision board where you can view your affirmations on your phone, or better yet, make a physical vision board and mount it in a visible location in your home.

Physical vision boards like The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit come with 60 motivational words you can use as Law of Attraction affirmations.  The kit also comes with 100 pictures you can mount on the board that comes with the kit, as well as stickers, and a goal-setting worksheet that guides you on your way to manifesting your dream life.

the law of attractions affirmations


A complete vision board kit like what is being offered by The Vision Cloud empowers you to get clear about goals and encourages you to keep on believing.


We’ve created 27 affirmations you can use for your Law of Attraction vision board, but you can also make your very own.  In fact, custom-tailored affirmations are also encouraged.  But, if you want to use phrases and statements you can use for your vision board right now, these 27 affirmations are powerful tools to bring your desires into reality.

We’ve created two types of affirmations:  Mindset and Future Pacing Affirmations.  

Mindset Affirmations are phrases that help you believe in your power to attract your dream life. It boosts your sense of confidence and self-worth. Future Pacing Affirmations, on the other hand, are affirmations that show gratitude to the Universe and are phrased in such a way that you’re already experiencing your dreams come to life.

Both types of affirmations raise your vibration, so you can match the energies being vibrated by your goals.

Everything you want in life is already out there. All you have to do is attract them into your life.  And one of the most powerful ways you can do this is by using affirmations for your vision board in your daily life.

Here are 27 affirmations to attract your dream life:


  1. I am a magnet of abundance and prosperity.
  2. All good things easily flow into my life.
  3. I attract everything I desire.
  4. Every day, I turn my dreams into reality.
  5. I believe in my ability to attract love, money, and success.
  6. I receive infinite and immediate abundance.
  7. I am giving and receiving all the good things in my life.
  8. I am manifesting all of my desires with absolute ease.
  9. I am the creator of my dream life.
  10. I am confident in my ability to turn my dreams into reality.
  11. I receive abundance in expected and unexpected ways each and every day.
  12. I am worthy of love, infinite abundance, and massive success.
  13. Abundance comes to me wherever I may go.
  14. I receive success in all areas of my life.

law of attractions affirmations



  1. My dreams are manifesting before my eyes, thank you, Universe.
  2. All good things are in my life, right here, right now.
  3. I love my dream job and am grateful to be able to live it.
  4. The life of my dreams is finally here, and I am beyond happy, joyful, and in bliss.
  5. I thank the Universe for giving me this abundance of money, love, and success.
  6. The life I always desired is finally here, and I am eternally grateful.
  7. Thank you for bringing the best people into my life as they help me achieve success and prosperity.
  8. I am living the life of my dreams, and it will only get better from here.
  9. I am grateful for the abundance of money that comes into my bank account each and every day.
  10. Health, financial freedom, a healthy relationship, and overall well-being is in my life right now.
  11. I am a magnet of my desires, everything I wish comes to me every day.
  12. Thankful for the success I am experiencing in my career right now.
  13. My dream life is finally here, all thanks to the beauty and wonder of positivity.

Choose the affirmations that resonate with you the most, write them down, or print them out, and mount them on your Law of Attraction vision board.

Remember to recite them every day to train your brain and to match the vibrations of your dream life with your current vibrational frequency.


Affirmations are effective in bringing a positive mindset but making custom-tailored phrases for your own manifestations is better.  This is because making your own gives your desires more powerful energies since they are personal and come from your heart.

Here are steps to making your very own affirmations for your Law of Attraction vision board:

how to write affirmations law of attraction



You can’t begin your Law of Attraction journey without awareness of your limiting beliefs.  These are negative thoughts you keep on telling yourself.  Some of these beliefs are even embedded in your subconscious that you’re not even aware of them.

Some examples could be telling yourself you’re not worthy enough, that success only comes after exhausting work, or that you don’t deserve to be loved.  Sometimes, these limiting beliefs do not surface in your consciousness and they can be hard to pinpoint.

Take some time to relax, meditate, and reflect on negative thoughts that come to your mind whenever you set out to do something – whether it’s going on a job interview, starting a business, or even doing mundane things like cooking or exercising.

Once you recognize your negative beliefs, acknowledge them, and let them go.


List down the things you want in life.  Is it money?  But maybe it’s not the money you want.  Maybe it’s the freedom that comes with money.

Try to analyze the motivations you have about wanting the things in your life.  Once you identify them, you can create better intentions about the things you want to manifest.


Use the present tense to help you get to the positive emotions of your affirmations.  Positive emotions are important in using the Law of Attraction because manifesting anything involves feeling your desires come to life.  Without these positive emotions, you are not taking the steps to attract your desires.


Recite, sing, or read your affirmations every day.  Post your affirmations on a vision board that you mount on a wall, on your desk, or on your phone.  Speak these words of positivity every day, and train your brain to shift from a negative to a positive mindset.

law of attraction


Affirmations can rewire your brain into making a positive perception of the world and of yourself.  It takes an intentional desire to create the life of your dreams every day to be able to manifest them.

Use these affirmations for Law of Attraction vision boards and create the life that is meant for you.  Or better yet, make a few on your own for more effective, impactful, and powerful affirmations to attract your dream life.

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